Awards & Recognition

The Capt. Ransom Arthur M.D. Award

A NATIONAL award in honor of U.S. Navy Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D., who, by his sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to improving the health of adults through swimming, established the Masters Swimming program in the United States. This top USMS award is given annually to the person who has done the most to further the objectives of U.S. Masters Swimming. PNA’s Ransom J. Arthur awardees include:

2007 – Jeanne Ensign
2006 – Sally Dillon
2002 – Hugh Moore
2002 – Jane Moore
1993 – Kathy Casey
1992 – Walt Reid

USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Also NATIONAL awards, the first USMS Service Awards were presented in 1997 by then President Mel Goldstein. In 2000 the award was named in honor of the original “voice” of USMS, Dorothy Donnelly. Up to 15 people are selected each year from nominations submitted by LMSCs, clubs and individuals. PNA’s Dot Donnelly awardees include:
2017 – Jim Davidson (PNA Open Water Coordinator)
2015 – Linda Chapman (PNA Meets Coordinator)
2011 – Herb Cook (PNA Secretary)
2009 – Lisa Dahl (PNA VP)
2009 – Paul Freeman (editor, The WetSet)
2008 – Tom Foley (PNA Past President, At-Large Rep, Historian)
2008 – Sarah Welch (PNA Fitness & Clinics Coordinator)
2007 – Arni Litt (PNA Registrar)
2007 – Steve Peterson (PNA President)
2006 – Kathy Casey (PNA Rules)
2006 – Hugh Moore
2006 – Walt Reid
2005 – Lee Carlson (PNA President)
2005 – Jan Kavadas
2002 – Sally Dillon
2002 – Jeanne Ensign
2002 – Sandy McNeel (editor, The WetSet)
1999 – Jane Moore

USMS Kerry O’Brien Coaching Award

This NATIONAL award was first introduced as the Grass Roots Coaching Award in 2008 but renamed to honor Coach Kerry O’Brien of Walnut Creek Masters, who embodies the passion, dedication, and heart that so many of our coaches bring to the pool deck:
2020 – (nominate your coach by July 1!)
2014 – April Cheadle, Bainbridge Aquatic Masters, Bainbridge Island
2010 – Wendy Neely, Federal Way Masters (now Blue Wave Aquatics)
2008 – Cynthia Krass, Columbia Athletic Club, Sammamish
2008 – Marilyn Grindrod, Olympic Aquatic Club Masters, Bremerton

PNA Coach of the Year Award

PNA recognizes a coach annually for outstanding contributions to local Masters swimming programs. If you’d like to nominate a coach, submit either the nomination form (usually published in The WetSet) or a one page letter of support addressing any or all of the following selection criteria:

– improvement or enhancement of an ongoing program or establishment of a new program
– sustained service over a long period of time
– contributions to PNA
– commitment to PNA
– willingness to share coaching skills and information
– loyalty of team members
– coaching accomplishments
– and/or inspiration to others.

The recipients are:

2022 – [nominate your coach!]
2021 – Chad Hagedorn, Bernardo’s All Stars, Tacoma
2020 – Calvin Milbach, Thunderbird Aquatic Masters, Anacortes
2019 – Brad Hering, Stanwood-Camano YMCA, Stanwood
2018 – Pete Colella, North End Otters, Shoreline
2017 – Wendy Neely, Blue Wave Aquatics, Federal Way
2016 – April Cheadle, Bainbridge Aquatic Masters, Bainbridge Island
2015 – Paul Ikeda, Orca Swim Team, Seattle
2014 – Joel Dodds, Mukilteo YMCA, Mukilteo
2013 – April Cheadle, Bainbridge Aquatic Masters, Bainbridge Island
2012 – Becca Watson, Lake Washington Masters, Juanita
2011 – Ken Rice, West Coast Aquatic Masters, Mill Creek
2010 – Shannon Singer, Skagit Valley Masters, Mount Vernon
2009 – Lynn Wells, Aquatic Fanatics, Poulsbo
2008 – Mel Smith, Briggs Y Masters, Olympia
2007 – Robin O’Leary, North End Otters, Shoreline
2006 – Neil Romney, North Whidbey Masters, Oak Harbor
2005 – Michael McKinlay, Downtown/Bellevue Swim Team
2004 – Wendy and Malcolm Neely, Federal Way Masters (now Blue Wave Aquatics)

PNA Dawn Musselman Inspirational Swimmer Award

PNA has presented the Dawn Musselman Inspirational Swimmer Award annually since 1986, in memory of our “ultimate Masters swimmer,” Dawn Musselman (1913-1986). Dawn inspired others and encouraged them to do their best. Want to know more? Read the article about her on pages 4-5 of the July 1976 issue of The WetSet. Also Dan Levin’s 1978 Sports Illustrated article about Dawn!

The recipients are:
2023 – nominate!
2022 –
2021 – Tonya Berg
2020 – Steve Freeborn
2019 – Arni Litt
2018 – Lisa Dahl
2017 – Zena Courtney
2016 – Steve Peterson
2015 – Sally Dillon
2014 – Charlotte Davis
2013 – Rick Colella
2012 – Kiko Kimura
2011 – Sarah Welch
2010 – Betsey Kassen
2009 – Steve LaHaie
2008 – June Van Leynseele
2007 – Lee Carlson
2006 – Jeanne Ensign
2005 – Gene Crossett
2004 – Kathy Casey
2003 – Chaya Amiad
2002 – Barb Gundred
2001 – Paul Ikeda
2000 – Joan Davis
1999 – Dan Frost
1998 – Clark Pace
1997 – Suzanne Dills
1996 – Ian Thompson
1995 – Tammi Keeler
1994 – Marion Mueller
1993 – Robin O’Leary
1992 – Jan Kavadas
1991 – Karen Jost
1990 – Tom Foley
1989 – Jim Penfield
1988 – Maxine Carlson
1987 – Marlene Holmes
1986 – Dawn Musselman
Photo by Earl Walter (Oregon Masters) Photo by Earl Walter (Oregon Masters)

Nominations are open to all PNA members. We’re looking for the candidate who
– is an inspiration to all PNA swimmers
– willingly shares information, training, or coaching tips
– offers encouragement to other swimmers
– exhibits good sportsmanship always
– shows a strong commitment to PNA Masters Swimming.

Do you swim with someone who qualifies? Compose a few paragraphs telling us why! (Send to Steve Peterson by the end of March.)

The award, consisting of a personal plaque and the perpetual trophy with the recipient’s name added, is presented at the PNA Champs meet in Federal Way at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center.

PNA Outstanding Service Award

Occasionally PNA has chosen to recognize an individual or individuals whose service to our LMSC is so extraordinary that it goes well beyond expectation. The Board honors these volunteers with a special gift to thank them for their many contributions over an extended period of time.

2013 – Walt Reid
2008 – Jeanne Ensign
2003 – Lee Carlson
1998 – Hugh and Jane Moore