Post USMS Pool Meet Tasks: Within 14 Days

PNA Post Meet Results Within 14 Days:
as of 12-12-14

Doug Jelen
22233 NE 28th PL
Sammamish, WA 98074

Immediately following the meet:

Within 2 weeks of meet date mail the following items to Doug Jelen:

  1. Lane Timer Sheets and Relay Cards for all events
  2. All swimmers’ Paper (non electronic) Entry Forms (if anyone entered using paper)
  3. All Timing Tapes or Printouts, if the meet is electronically timed
  4. Heat Sheet and/or corrected heat sheet (showing any re-seeding)
  5. Heat Sheet for deck-seeded events (i.e., list of heat and lane assignments for deck-seeded events)
  6. Heat Sheet for deck-entered events (i.e., list of heat and lane assignments for relays)
  7. Record Documentation for any new national or world records – can also be scanned and emailed
    1. Lane Timer Sheet and/or timing tape and
    2. record application (for each record)
  8. Name and certification level of the Meet Referee – can be emailed.
  9. Pool measurement form if course used a bulkhead – can be scanned and emailed.

Within 3 weeks of meet date:

  • Mail check for PNA meet fees to:

PNA Treasurer
P.O. Box 12172
Seattle, WA 98102-12172